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May 20, 2024

The AI revolution in project management: elevating productivity with generative AI
Artificial intelligence (AI) has significantly shaped our professional experiences in various domains in recent years. In particular, generative AI and the associated large language models (LLMs) have opened the door to major disruptive innovations in various professional disciplines... more
The apprentice carpenter may want only a hammer and a saw, but a master builder employs many precision tools... more
- Robert L. Kruse & Alexander J. Ryba (1998)
Language-based software testing: Communications of the ACM

Testing remains as the prime technique to check whether software satisfies the specified requirement. Owing to the high volume of potential inputs and expected outputs in very large systems, the process is laborious and error-prone if conducted manually... more

Testing & Debugging (D.2.5) | May 1 24

Industry 5.0 and its technologies: a systematic literature review upon the human place into IoT- and CPS-based industrial systems: Computers and Industrial Engineering

The emergence of Industry 5.0 signifies “a paradigm shift that emphasizes the integration of advanced technologies with human-centric... more

Computers In Other Systems (J.7) | Apr 18 24

Writing by hand or digitally in first grade: effects on rate of learning to compose text: Computers & Education

This paper is one outcome of the DigiHand project (2018-2022), funded by the Research Council of Norway (grant number 273422). It is divided into five sections: “Introduction,” “Method,” “Statistical Analysis,” “Results,” and “Discussion.” Each detailed section includes... more

Education (J.1...) | Apr 10 24

On the adaptation of recurrent neural networks for system identification: Automatica

In this pape, Forgione et al. propose a transfer learning methodology to adapt recurrent neural network (RNN) models for dynamic system identification to new operating conditions. The approach is premised on the concept that the dynamics of real-world systems... more

Neural Nets (C.1.3...) | Apr 9 24

Machine learning in industrial control system (ICS) security: current landscape, opportunities and challenges: Journal of Intelligent Information Systems

Today, machine learning is applied to threat detection and classification problems in the important field of industrial control. This paper reviews different ML papers that apply supervised... more

General (H.1.0) | Mar 18 24

Trustworthy AI: from principles to practices: ACM Computing Surveys

As computing technology continues to evolve, artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasing role in various aspects of our lives. Although AI dates back many decades--I took an AI subject in my university studies, in 1988--only recently have dramatic advances... more

General (I.2.0) | Mar 12 24

Data-driven prototyping via natural-language-based GUI retrieval: Automated Software Engineering

Reading this paper would leave anyone conflicted. It describes a good contribution ridden with flaws. It is puzzling that the referees and journal editors accepted the paper in its current form. The presentation... more

Software Development (K.6.3...) | Mar 7 24

10 things software developers should learn about learning: Communications of the ACM

As software developers, we understand the detailed workings of the different components of our computer systems. And--probably due to how computers were presented since their appearance as “digital... more

Software Development (K.6.3...) | Feb 22 24

Conversational artificial intelligence in the AEC industry: a review of present status, challenges and opportunities: Advanced Engineering Informatics

Those working in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) domain often get bogged down in day-to-day paperwork and verbally communicated instructions. Natural language processing (NLP)... more

General (I.2.0) | Feb 14 24

State-of-the-art improvements and applications of position based dynamics: Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds

The physically plausible simulation of objects is an active area of research in computer graphics. It is used in movies and video games and to simulate phenomena that would be expensive to... more

Animation (I.3.7...) | Feb 12 24

A new history of modern computing

A new history of modern computing supplants Paul Ceruzzi’s A history of modern computing, released in its second edition over two decades ago [1]. It features a new lead author, historian Thomas Haigh. I will not compare the two versions beyond reference to the... more
History of Computing (K.2) | May 17 24

Introduction to wireless networking and its impact on applications

This very short book, or lecture as the publisher refers to it, provides an introductory overview of the two main forms of wireless networking: Wi-Fi and cellular telephony. The approach taken by the author throughout the text is to highlight the differences between... more
Wireless Communication (C.2.1...) | May 16 24

Cognitive robotics

I have been exploring robotics over the last few years, so access to a book on the topic from a highly reputed publisher like MIT Press was an attractive proposition. And I was not disappointed! Best of all: this comprehensive book is available under a Creative Commons... more
Robotics (I.2.9) | May 15 24

The async-first playbook: remote collaboration techniques for agile software teams

In early 2001, frustration over unproductive software development projects led a group of professionals meeting in Utah to declare a manifesto for agile software development, proposing interaction between individuals over formal development processes... more
General (D.0) | May 14 24

The book of chatbots: from ELIZA to ChatGPT

The relatively sudden emergence of chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) tools accessible to the general public has caused no little interest in their variety, how they work, how they may benefit people, and the potential risks in using them. This relatively short book attempts to answer these questions with... more
General (I.2.0) | May 13 24

The AI revolution in project management: elevating productivity with generative AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has significantly shaped our professional experiences in various domains in recent years. In particular, generative AI and the associated large language models (LLMs) have opened the door to major disruptive innovations in various... more
Artificial Intelligence (I.2) | May 10 24

Robots and the people who love them: holding on to our humanity in an age of social robots

Humans created robots; can robots eradicate humans? Interestingly, humans have searched for--and always found--alternatives for almost every endeavor. One such alternative to a long-term assistantship is robots. So, can robots... more
Robotics (I.2.9) | May 9 24

Hacks, leaks, and revelations: the art of analyzing hacked and leaked data

Imagine you’ve come across a trove of files documenting a serious deed and you feel the need to “blow the whistle.” Or maybe you are an investigative journalist and this whistleblower trusts you and wants to give you said data. Or maybe you are a... more
Security & Protection (K.6.5) | May 8 24

Understanding software dynamics

In modern computer systems, because of the remarkable progress in multi-processing nodes, graphics processing units (GPUs), and multi-layer caching and their interactions with other storage and communication components, the level of complexity has... more
General (D.0) | May 6 24

Fundamentals of modern electric circuit analysis and filter synthesis: a transfer function approach

Written for undergraduates, this book covers both the basics of electrical circuits as well as circuit analysis. As per the preface, the first six chapters present the basics while the rest of the chapters look at analysis using a function-transformation approach. The first two... more
Engineering (J.2...) | May 3 24

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